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Tularosa Public Library
Tularosa Public Library (more, and more, and more)
515 Fresno Street
Tularosa, NM 88352 (map)

Hours are Wed-Fri. 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

E-mail Library Director Randi Northrup:
Internet access and wireless is coming soon!


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Ruidoso News
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Climate Zia

What does 100 years of weather data tell us about the climate of the Tularosa?

When does it rain and how much? by day, by month, by year (Now includes 2006!).

Monsoon June, see the proof

Biggest rain in 30 years? Just the facts.

echo of the desert

La Casa Rosa - where 3500 hand made adobes surround spanish colonial furniture, woodworking, punched tin, weaving and retablo painting. You can find it at 901 St. Francis Dr. in Tularosa. View a sort slide show.

For more information contact Cynthia Duran Prelo-Riedlinger, (575) 491-4275, Read an article about La Casa Rosa that was published in the Spring 2003 issue of Su Casa Magazine.

Cynthia also gives tours of Tularosa and the great-great-great grand daughter of Tularosa's first Alcalde, Cisario Duran, knows Tularosa.

Get Out!!
There are three excellent ways to find great events around Tularosa and the state. For local events over the next month check out the Alamogordo Daily News Community Calendar. For annual and statewide events visit the New Mexico Tourism Department page.
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Village of Tularosa

Visit Tularosa's new web page:

Road Construction -- Hwy 54 from Tularosa to Santa Rosa


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Read more on the GRIP web site.

What is Rammed Earth and why are many New Mexican builders using it exclusively? Sandy soil, water, pressure and viola, sandstone for the impatient.
Earth Sun Construction, Las Cruces, NM
Micander Construction, Las Cruces, NM
Soledad Canyon Earth Builders, Las Cruces, NM
You've got to see these galleries: Rammed Earth Homes, Oracle, AZ and RE Canada.
Informative RE Blog.

Who is Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche?

Rinpoche, a lama, Buddhist monk, teacher and spiritual leader fled the Nyingma center of learning in Tibet in 1959 during the Chinese occupation. He now leads centers in St. Leo, Florida, Garden Grove, California, and Sneedville, Tennessee and he has chosen Tularosa, New Mexico for his North American headquarters. read more

His web site:

Who is Cesario?

Many consider Cesario Duran to be the father if Tularosa. In 1862 his community along the El Camino Real near Mesilla was devastated by a flooding Rio Grande. Cesario convinced his neighbors that they should move as a group to the mouth of Tularosa canyon - the present day Village of Tularosa. Cesario was elected as Tularosa's first mayor and his friend José Candellario was appointed as Tularosa's first sheriff. Duran family in the 1870 Census. José Candellario family in the 1860 Census.

read more: Tularosa: Last of the Frontier West

kim Stanley

Who is Kim Stanley?

The top stage actress of the mid-20th century was born as Patricia Beth Reid in an adobe house in Tularosa on February 11, 1925. She starred in 11 Broadway plays between 1951 and 1964 including Bus Stop, The Three Sisters and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She was nominated for an Oscar for her roles in the Séance on a Wet Afternoon and Frances.

Read her new Biography: Female Brando: The Legend of Kim Stanley

Jan Clayton

Who is Jan Clayton?

Jan Clayton starred on broadway as Julie Jordan in Carousel and also as Magnolia in the 1946 revival of Show Boat. From 1954-1957 she played the original role as the mother in the TV drama Lassie. She appeared in dozens of television shows including Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, and even an episode of Love Boat in 1981.

Jan Clayton was born in Tularosa on August 26, 1917. She grew up in Tularosa and appears in the 1930 Otero County census at Jane B. Clayton, age 12. She died on August 28, 1983 in West Hollywood. She is buried in Tularosa's Fairview Cemetery. list