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Tularosa Library Bulletins

Tularosa artist Mr. Jose Luis Hernandez has generously donated his valuable time and excellent artistic skills to give the Tularosa Public Library a beautiful wall mural. The mural is a lovely desert scene complete with ocatillo, a deer and even our state bird, the roadrunner. Please stop by the library to view this most wonderful and historic gift to the library that will be treasured by future generations.

Jose Luis Hernandez standing before is art.

Library Bulletins: Library Officers:
Tularosa Librarya Officers

Left to right: President- Matteo Isqueirdo, Vice-President- Jane Belk, Treasurer- Sharon Miller, Secretary- Taviana Quesada
Thank you! Randi Northrop



Hidden Artist Gallery, a.k.a. The Tularosa Reporter building, 501 Granado, map
Contact: Cynthia Prelo-Riedlinger, 505-491-4275,

June 24 - August 26, 2007: Visionary painter Dee Boman will be showing her work. From desert landscape to waterscape, her paintings reflect life transition from the sacred presence of water and life on earth. “My paintings allow me to have the freedom to explore the other world senses in an every day world”.

Saturday July 21, 2007 1-3 PM: A special workshop offered by featured artist Dee Boman and sound therapist Dawn Clair that shows how the use of sound through voice and instruments, movement, and community opens and enhances the creative process. This two hour workshop will provide each participant with fun, but meaningful experiences to open up their pathways of expression and suggest important tools that can be used in their personal lives for optimal inspiration and to access their own powerful internal resources.

Madre y Hija
New Mexican Retablo artist and painter, Viviána Duran-Prelo, and her daughter Cynthia Prelo-Riedlinger will host a mother daughter art show at the Hidden Artist Gallery in Tularosa from February 1 through March 10th. Gallery hours are Thursday thru Saturday 10-2 pm.

Retablos are Santos painted on pine wood panels. Subject matter traditionally reflects images of God, the Virgin Mary and various saints. For more information contact Cynthia Prelo-Riedlinger at 505-491-4275 or email her at

An Adventure in Creative Independence - Internationally known New Mexico painter, architectural sculptor, conceptual artist, and author Louis Bridge Beardslee III will show his work at the Hidden Artist Gallery in Tularosa from April 1st through May 6th at the Hidden Artist Gallery a.k.a. The Tularosa Reporter building.

Beardslee’s work has shown throughout the West and he has numerous pieces in private and corporate collections, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and The Vancouver B.C. Art Gallery. Private collectors include the Burt Lancaster Residence, and the late R. C. Gorman. For more information contact Cynthia Prelo-Riedlinger at 505-491-4275 or email her at

Women's Day Retreat April 21st 2007: Bridal Falls Area, Tierra de Suenos ~ Tularosa, NM
Hike Eat Breathe Play Explore -- So close to home and yet , away from it all!

Or, plan your private retreat at The Adobe River House which will be ready to rent for 1 or 2 occupancy in September of 2007.

To learn more call April Cray Rhodes at 505-430-5116 or read more here.

Big Decision for Otero County

Doña Ana, Sierra, and Otero Counties have an opportunity to support the Southwest Regional Spaceport also known at Spaceport America in Upham, New Mexico.

A one-quarter of 1 percent sales tax is being proposed that would generate an estimated $7 million annually in Doña Ana County, $1.9 million in Otero and $307,000 per year in Sierra Counties, read more.

  New Mexico Horseman builds machine and receives Revelation from God.

Article before
Article after

Contact Information: Richard Frazier 505.585.6825

The REDTT Project maintains a website loaded with stuff to do and see in rural New Mexico, read more. Here are some examples:

  • 2nd Weekend in May - St. Francis De Paula Church Annual Fiesta
  • 3rd Saturday in May - Tularosa Heritage Preservation Day Celebration
  • 3rd Weekend in October - Tour to the Eugene Manlove Rhodes Grave on WSMR.

These events aren't listed by REDTT, yet:

  • July 4th - Mescalero Apache Celebration, 505-464-4494.
  • December 24th - Luminarias line the St. Francis plaza and highway.
  • October 7-8, 2006 - 2nd Tularosa Basin Wine Festival, (505) 585-946

May 10th-13th: St Francis de Paula Community Celebrates 139th Fiesta, read more.

Memorial Day Observance on May 28, 2007. The park is located at 1050 N. Bookout Road, off of HWY US 70 E. across from the Lowe's grocery store, in Tularosa, New Mexico.

The Veterans Memorial and Park began as a community service program, sponsored by Friends of Historic Tularosa. We began in 2003 and are in the process of the completing the final phase of the memorial. For more information you may contact: Cynthia Prelo-Riedlinger FoHT President by email at: or by telephone at 505-491-4275. click for program

May 11, 2007: The University of New Mexico offers a one day course titled: Historic Home Tour and Tularosa Vineyards Winery. Registrations $84. Tour includes homes of Jan Clayton, Cesario Duran and Don Pedro Chavez.

echo of the desert

Alamogordo resident Elva Osterreich has launched a new online venture at

Goal: echo of the desert books and... is a planned retail business based in Alamogordo, N.M. The business will be a books and more store intended to serve the communities of Alamogordo and surrounding areas. Echo's will fill a need for an interactive forum in the community where people can join in events such as poetry readings, Yu-Gi-Oh card nights and book-signings. The store will also offer an intimate and caring atmosphere where customers can browse and feel there is something there for them to discover. Echo's aims to provide area residents with a more diverse, personal and specialized retail book experience.

Shuttle 1982, Rabbit Mtn. right.

Shuttle Watch, December 21, 2006: The shuttle is scheduled to land somewhere this afternoon, a White Sands landing would be at either 3:27 or 5:02 PM MST.

View a map with flight path overlay for 3:27 landing (orbit 203). (165 KB JPG ) (tilted)
View a map with flight path overlay for 5:02 landing (orbit 204). (165 KB JPG ) (tilted)
Google Earth KMZ.

If White Sands is chosen for the landing site Tularosa residents will see the shuttle turn and land just beyond and right of Tulie Peak, 25 miles SW of the Tulie Freeze.
NASA's Shuttle status page:

Kenndy will be the site, landing at 3:32 PM MST.

Bicycle Wheel

Bicycling is a great way to enjoy the climate and scenery of Tularosa. Its also an enjoyable way to get out and shop, grab a meal or a cup of java. Unfortunately, local businesses don't yet understand that without a place to secure a bike, its not likely that a biker will stop.

Check out the Bike-Chasing-Dog Map. (JPG 180 KB) Submit a report.

Have you heard of the annual WSMR Century Ride? (MSWord)

Malpais lava flow.

Be a Tularosa tourist for a weekend. read more

Don't forget to visit the No Scum Allowed Saloon in White Oaks (648-5583) and pick up the best T-shirt in New Mexico. Live music Saturday afternoons. read more

Tularosa Hotel

The Tularosa Basin Historical Society is open every day, read more, and more
1301 North White Sands Blvd., Alamogordo, NM 88310, 505-434-4438,

Tularosa Fairview Cemetery List, compiled June 27, 2000

1930 Otero County Census -- see all of the names including Oliver Lee and Eugene Rhodes (courtesy of Population by city (gif), Age distribution (gif). Oldest person was Rufuja Gonzales of Alamogordo, age 99.

Google Earth thumbnail

Google Earth users can fly an F117 sortie over The Tularosa. Clicking on this KMZ link will load the markers into your Google Earth, press F10 to start the tour, press F11 for a full screen view. If you don't have Google Earth you will be prompted you to install it. f117 flyover.kmz

Not a Google Earth user? View some static images:
Looking southwest from Sierra Blanca.
Looking northeast from Sierra de los Organos.

Aerial view of Trinity site.

Countdown to the next open house at Trinity ground zero. read more

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

What is a Space Port? read more
Articles about Spaceport America, aka Upham Station.

X-Prize Cup comes to Holloman AFB, October 27-28, 2007. read more

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

How many Tularosa's are there?

Fort Tularosa (1872 - 1874) is near the unincorporated community of Aragon (map) on the Tularosa River in Catron County, New Mexico. The Village of Tularosa is in Otero county on the east rim of the Tularosa Basin. The two Tularosa Rivers are unrelated. There is much confusion between Fort Tularosa and the Village of Tularosa. Some maps place them together even though they are over 200 miles apart.

Medal of Honor - US Army Who is George Jordan?

Sgt., Co K, 9th US Cavalry, Born: Dec. 25, 1847; Williamson County, Tenn.

Medal of Honor Citation: While commanding a detachment of 25 men at Fort Tularosa, N. Mex. on May 14, 1880, repulsed a force of more than 100 Indians (Victorio). At Carrizo Canyon (some say the canyon is SW of Belen, others say its near Mescalero), N . Mex., while commanding the right of a detachment of 19 men, on Aug. 12, 1881, he stubbornly held his ground in an extremely exposed position and gallantly forced back a much superior number of the enemy, preventing them from surrounding the command. read more

Steve Ontiveros

Who is Steve Ontiveros?

Major League pitcher Steve Ontiveros was born in Tularosa on March 5, 1961. He played college ball at the University of Michigan before being selected in the second round of the 1982 draft by the Athletics. Steve made his first MLB start in 1985, was selected to the 1995 American League All Star Team, and finished his ptiching career in 2001 with the Yankees.

Known as the Spin Doctor, Steve is now teaching others the fine art of pitching.

Who is Don Höglund?

Horses -- 2000 wild descendants of the American West lived on the White Sands Missile Range and when the stress of the drought in 1994 began to kill them off, veterinarian Dr. Don Höglund was put in charge of relocating them. He tells the story in his book "Nobody's Horses."

"Big, strong, beautiful, and fierce, they were descended from the mounts of lawmen, cowboys, and notorious outlaws who had once ruled the land. "

Cabezza de Vaca

Who is Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca?

Cabeza was the first European to record the exploration of North America and in the course of his eight year epic journey he visited the Tularosa area in 1535. An annotated version of Cabeza's amazing story has been published in Cabeza de Vaca's Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America.

"At night we came to many dwellings seated on the banks of a very beautiful stream [the Río Tularosa. When the Spaniards went over the summit of the mountain ridge, they passed from the head of Elk Creek to the head of the Río Tularosa and followed the latter river down.] The residents came halfway out on the trail to greet us, bringing their children on their backs."

Mescalero Apache Tipis

Who is Cadette?

Zhee-es-not-son, chief of the Mescalero nation, could have been speaking for native peoples everywhere when said these words after surrendering to Kit Carson at Fort Stanton in 1862:

"You are stronger than we. We have fought you as long as we had rifles and powder but your weapons are better than ours. Give us like weapons and turn us loose; we will fight you again. But we are worn out; we have no more heart; we have no provisions, no means to live. Your troops are everywhere. Our springs and waterholes are either occupied or overlooked by your men. You have driven us from our last and best stronghold and we have no more heart. Do with us as may seem good to you but do not forget that we are men and braves." read more in Apache Voices

There is a treasure trove in Carrizozo, it's called Trading Post Antiques and its a labor of love for owners Chris and Andrea Stromberg, 505-648-2736.

Antique doors, custom doors, massive wooden tables, chairs, rockers, benches, zapatas, an overflowing abundance of artistry in wood, much of it by artisans of Mexico.

You can find this trove at the 4-way stop in Carrizozo.

State Engineer John D'antonio

Love him, or not, there are some very good reasons why you should know the name of the New Mexico State Engineer:

  • Does the new domestic well permit policy affect you? Read the new law.
  • Is there something in the WATERS (database) that you should know about? How many wells are in your neighborhood? How deep are they? Who drilled them? When? Who's applied for a new permit? Its all here, free and online.
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  Otero Power has proposed a new north-south distribution line one mile west of Pecos Road -- exactly where the banner photo for this web page was taken from. For more information contact Gilbert Sanchez at the Otero County Electric Coop, (505) 682-2521.
  On April 1st, 2006, the restaurant at the "Y" went smokeless. ppt